Running Quicken Premier 2008 on Linux with Wine


Wine attempts to create a Windows-compatible layer on top of Linux to allow you to run your favorite programs. Recently, Wine had its 1.0 release and has gotten quite strong when compared to earlier versions.  Quicken works reasonably well with wine-1.1.6 and later.

With wine-1.1.5 and earlier you’ll need to use a WINE override.  That is, you must tell Wine to use the native Windows version of gdiplus.dll:

  • Get a copy of gdiplus.dll ensuring that you adhere to any applicable licenses and put it in ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system
  • Run winecfg
  • Hit “Add Application…” and browse to “drive_c/Program Files/Quicken/qw.exe”
  • Under the “Libraries” tab add a native override for gdiplus

Unfortunately, Quicken still cannot access the internet and there is no workaround for this since schannel, the library which implements SSL, has not yet been implemented.

If you need better debug logs for filing bugs you can set the WINEDEBUG environment variable to get more detailed output or suppress output that is overwhelming.  For example, you can put the following in your ~/.bashrc file:

export WINEDEBUG=fixme-richedit,trace+secur32

Then run “source ~/.bashrc” to reload the file.

Also, if you’d like to see the debug output scroll by on the screen as well as save it to a file then you can run the following:

wine qw.exe 2>&1 | tee trace.log
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