Trouble Resuming NX Session


Resume button disabled

I was unable to resume my NX session.  While trying to connect, the resume button was greyed out (or grayed out)  This apparently can happen if the two machines are running at a different color depth.

The machine I was trying to connect to was running Ubuntu, so I checked the color depth (sudo cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf) and saw that it was running at 24 bit.  Then I checked the color depth on my Windows machine (Control Panel > Display > Settings > Color Quality) and saw it was running at 16 bit.  There was no option to set it to 24-bit, so I chose the option “Highest (32 bit)”.  No more disabled resume button!

I think the cause of the problem was plugging my laptop into the projector at work yesterday.  It apparently changed my color depth and Windows didn’t reset it when I exited presentation mode.

Execution of last command failed

Trying to reconnect to my NX session kept failing.  I hit the Details button and saw the following:

NX> 596 NX> 596 ERROR: NXNODE Ver. 3.4.0-6  (Error id e76DC5C)
NX> 596 NX> 596 ERROR: resume session: run commands
NX> 596 NX> 596 ERROR: execution of last command failed
NX> 596 NX> 596 last command: '/bin/kill -USR2 16905'
NX> 596 NX> 596 exit value: 1
NX> 596 NX> 596 stdout:
NX> 596 NX> 596 stderr: /bin/kill: 16905: No such process

The only thing I found that would let me connect to my box via NX at all was to “rm /usr/NX/var/db/running/*” in order to kill my current session.  Killing the session is a sucky option, but at least now I can use NX again.

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