Sound Insulation for Noisy Offices


I’m a founder at Connectifier, a fast growing tech startup in Newport Beach, CA. We have a great office with many amenities to make it more comfortable such as a kitchen, ping pong table, and sofas. We also have an open floor plan, which is great for keeping everyone in the loop, but less awesome for quiet concentration. As we grow, a space that originally held two people now holds closer to a dozen. At some point we’ll need to find larger office space for a larger team, but there will probably be some point in between now and then where the office is getting uncomfortably full.

In order to plan ahead for our growth, I investigated several office noise solutions. Here’s an idea of what I found.

Ikea Risor Room Divider – $99

Framery Phone Booths – $7500.00 for a Framery-C and $8500 for a Framery-O unit

Clearsonic MiniMega Isolation Booth – ~$2,750 + $200 shipping
clearsonic-isolation-booth – ~$6000 depending on model. Shipping included

Buzzispace – ~$8,000 for Buzzibooth, $2,371 for Buzzicockpit

Airea Phonebooth with door – ~$6,500 + shipping

Lada Cube also has several options, which they say go for $156/sq.ft.

In the end, I ended up going with a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. They’re quite pricey for headphones, but well worth the cost.

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