Rounded Corners with JavaScript and CSS – No Images


Rounded corners can create nice presentational effects and are very popular in web design. They also are a bit of a pain to create because they usually require PhotoShop and the markup is not as straightforward as square corners. So I was excited to give Steffen Rusitschka’s method a try, which uses only JavaScript and CSS and is quite feature full. His ShadedBorders library looks quite nice in Firefox. However, my test did not perform as well in IE6. Strangely, once you mouse over the afflicted area, the problem corrects itself. Here are the before and after shots:

Buggy Rounded Corners in IE Properly Formatted Rounded Corners

Hopefully this problem will be fixed as I am quite interested in the library. I will be sure to test future versions and in the meantime may investigate potential workarounds for the problem.

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