Google GXP Struts 2 Plugin

Google GXP is a replacement for JSP that provides compile-time type safety.  This article is a quick introduction on how to use GXP with Struts 2.
1. Download the jar.  It’s not in Maven yet because it’s still unreleased.
2. Install the jar in Maven or otherwise put it on your classpath.  You’ll also need the Google GXP jar and the Google Collections jar:

3. Call the GXP compiler. E.g.

java -cp lib/gxp-0.2.4-beta.jar --output_language java com/benmccann/example/web/gxp/*.gxp

4. Add a result type of gxp to your struts.xml:

  <package name="test" extends="gxp-default">
    <action name="TestAction" class="com.benmccann.example.web.action.TestAction">
      <result type="gxp">com/benmccann/example/web/gxp/Index.gxp</result>
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