Getting Started with Tonido on OpenSUSE 11.1


I’d heard of Tonido awhile back, but was having trouble getting it to run on OpenSUSE since it’s packaged only for Ubuntu.  Tonight I sat down and figured out how to get it to run:

  • Install alien via the YaST package manager
  • Convert the Tonido package to an RPM by using alien (alien -r filename.deb)
  • Install newly created Tonido RPM
  • Install libnotify1-32bit via YaST package manager
  • Open port 10001 in Firewall (Security and Users > Firewall > Allowed Services > Advanced)
  • Port forward port 10001 to the machine where Tonido is installed

Yay, now you can run Tonido.  When you start it, it will open Konqueror, for which it is very buggy.  So close that window and open in FireFox.  Now you’re off and running.

My initial thoughts:

  • This needs SSL support to really be useful since it gives access to my whole computer.
  • Too bad the setup is a bit hard.  I’m sure more people would adopt it if it used UPnP.
  • The WebShare app could be pretty cool in the future, but at the moment it’s mostly worthless.  You can only download one file at a time and there’s no upload.  I’d like to be able to mount my shares on my Windows machine.  I really wish it exported them via WebDav or SFTP.
  • The music player needs flac support.  I can’t play any of my music collection!
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