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Co-founder at Connectifier.
ex-Googler. CMU alum.

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Building Docker images with SBT


A typical way to setup Jenkins is to connect it to your source repository (e.g. with the Git Plugin), run your tests after each commit, and then build a package for deployment when the tests pass. We’ll use SBT’s sbt-native-packager for this last step, which allows you to package your applications in numerous different formats Read More

MongoDB data migration


Here is some benchmarking data regarding transferring data from one machine to another. These benchmarks were run on the AWS i2 instance class. mongodump – 15min / 100GB gzip using pigz – 15min/100GB network transfer – 20min/100GB extract archive – 30min/100GB mongorestore -j 12 – 2hr/100GB

Vision and Culture at Connectifier


There are an infinite number of things to focus on when building a company – building a product, marketing it, selling it, keeping the servers running, finding office space, recruiting a team, fundraising, accounting, payroll, benefits, legal, training. The list goes on forever. With so many things to work on, it’s a necessity to delegate. Read More

IntelliJ Setup


The font rendering on IntelliJ is horrendous and makes you want to gouge your eyes out. This is because is uses Swing. In order to make this not completely horrible, you’ll need to install tuxjdk, which contains series of patches to OpenJDK to enhance user experience with Java-based and Swing-based tools. I also recommend installing Read More

Formatting a Disk on Amazon EC2


The following commands will format and mount your disk on a newly created EC2 machine: sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/xvdb sudo mkdir /storage sudo sed -i ‘\|^/dev/xvdb| d’ /etc/fstab # delete existing entry if it exists sudo sh -c ‘echo “/dev/xvdb /storage ext4 defaults,nobootwait,noatime,nodiratime 0 2” >> /etc/fstab’ sudo mount -a



Here are some things I consider when designing a web API. Consider using the following response code: 200 – OK 400 – Bad Request 500 – Internal Server Error 401 – Unauthorized (i.e. authentication error) 403 – Forbidden (i.e. not authorized) 404 – Not Found Version your API Use limit and offset for pagination Return Read More

Running Marathon and Mesos with Panamax


Technology Overview Panamax is a new tool that allows you to manage multiple Docker containers and to link them together. In this post, I’ll talk about creating a Panamax template which will allow you to run Marathon and Mesos in Docker containers. Mesos is a cluster manager, which allows you to run many jobs in Read More

How to take over the computer of a Jenkins user


I recently began using Jenkins and found quite a bit of security indifference. This is unfortunate because Jenkins is the world’s leading continuous integration server used for testing, building, and deploying code. According to RebelLabs, Jenkins has 70% market share, with the next closest competitor having only 9%. I’ve raised these issues with the Jenkins Read More

Shared GMail account with SAML


SAML is a protocol which securely provides an identity. Using an identity provider which supports SAML, you can setup Single Sign On. However, if you have multiple people sharing a GMail account, things get a little tricky. Here’s how you can set that up for Okta, which is one such identity provider. Application: Template SAML Read More

Sound Insulation for Noisy Offices


I’m a founder at Connectifier, a fast growing tech startup in Newport Beach, CA. We have a great office with many amenities to make it more comfortable such as a kitchen, ping pong table, and sofas. We also have an open floor plan, which is great for keeping everyone in the loop, but less awesome Read More

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